BTS Collection – Everyday Longboard Fin – White

$68.00 USD$74.00 USD

For Longboards 9′ to 10′

This Everyday Longboard Fin is our most popular fin because it performs in nearly every condition.  It holds when you need it to and releases at the right time.

  • Perfectly balanced – promotes tight arc turns while maintaining hold and drive down the line
  • Full outline, Increased surface area
  • Cured tip allows for easy pivoting, quick turns and setting up for nose rides
  • Matte Solid Fiberglass allows for the perfect amount of flex – Hand Finished
  • Solid fiberglass has incredible flex characteristics and performance, while featuring the bonus of outstanding color vibrancy that allows for the variety of colors.

We suggest the 9.5″ fin for 9′ longboards and the 10″ fin for anything 9’6″ or greater.

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