8’0 Baby Log Longboard – Ivory, Like New

$549.00 USD


  • 8’0″ x 22 7/8″ x 3″ – 65.7L 

Lightly used as a demo board. Very minimal pressure dings.  Just some wax on it.  Board looks new!

The Baby Log is our most sought after beginner longboard.  The name Baby Log is reminiscent of the first days of surfing – it’s an extremely buoyant longboard and easy to catch waves with but we got rid of all the weight of those early day “logs”.  The Baby Log is Epoxy and built to get you on every wave- 1 to 8 ft.  It’s design is made to be forgiving and provide tons of float. This board is light under your feet and responsive to whatever you’re willing to try.  Soft rails, gentle rocker and two extra fins that act as “training wheels” really aid in this board being so user friendly.  We designed this board to be durable yet affordable for surfers who just want to get in the water.  We strongly suggest this board for new surfers or surfers transitioning from a foamy who are ready for more performance.  The Baby Log got its name from A combination of two things. The baby logger head sea turtles born on Florida Beaches and the history of longboards commonly referred to as ‘’logs’’.

Best for Beginner to Advanced Surfers – Best in 1′ to Slightly Overhead surf

  • Build: EPS Gloss
  • Top: 6oz+6oz+4oz centered on deck
  • Bottom: 6oz+4oz

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