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6’10 ANYDAY Mid Length Surfboard – Like New

$525.00 USD

Dimensions: 6’10 x 21 1/2” x 3” – 48.7L  (80-185 lbs)

Very lightly used, No dings, water tight. This board looks new but does have wax on it.

The ANY DAY is a timeless outline. It’s all about ride-ability. You can take it out on smaller days for that cruisy ride or take it out on bigger days where you can lay it on an edge and paint incredible lines from top to bottom.It’s flat entry rocker and slight exit rocker makes it a wave hog.We wanted to focus on the traditional egg shape and offer a more aggressive Mid Length.The modern single to double concave on the bottom of the board gives it more performance than you’d expect.An extremely reliable mid length that’s redefined to give you the speed and control you always wanted out of your middy.If the best surfer in the water is one having the most fun then you will definitely be the best surfer in the lineup with this board. If you can only bring one board to the beach, bring the ANY DAY.

We used the perfect amount of glassing to these boards without adding too much weight.  The purpose of extra glassing is to help your board last for years to come.  All impact areas received extra glassing including the rails, top deck and fin boxes.

Best for Intermediate to Advanced Surfers – Best in 2′ to Slightly Overhead surf

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