5’7 The Finlet Twin Fish – Resin Swirl, 33.6L (Damaged)

$475.00 USD

Brand New, Minor ding from falling over.


  • 5’7″ x 21 1/4″ x 2 5/8″ – 33.6L

The Finlet takes the original Steve Lis design but adds a few modern tweaks that we feel gives it more performance. This board features a slightly narrower outline with a pulled in nose and pinched tail giving you that loose and skatey style you’ve come to love about riding a twin fish without sacrificing performance. Less foam in the tail allows for you to release the fins on turns but also produces less drag in transitions.  Giving the board a modern rocker and rails makes our fish perform more like a modern day shortboard rather than a traditional fish.  The finlet features a single concave into a deep double concave through the tail and fins that are placed slightly further back which will give you tons of power and maneuverability. These modern tweaks will make this board a favorite all year long. This board is the bridge between style and performance. It’s why both single fin riders and performance surfers all love a twinny. We love the aesthetic look on this Triple Stringer Finlet.  Our signature resin swirl speaks to us.  We pulled theses colors from nature – specifically the various blues and greens found in the coastal waters of Florida. 

Best for Beginner to Advanced Surfers – Best in 2’ to Overhead surf

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