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5’7 The Finlet Twin Fish BPT – New 33.6L

Original price was: $649.00 USD.Current price is: $498.00 USD.

Dimensions: 5’7″ x 21 1/4″ 2 5/8″ – 33.6L

The Finlet takes the original Steve Lis design and gives it some flair. A slightly narrower outline with a pulled in nose and pinched tail, gives this board some modern upgrades that are all performance oriented. Less foam in the tail allows for you to release the fins on turns but also produces less drag in transitions.  Giving the board a modern rocker and rails makes our fish perform more like a modern day shortboard than a traditional fish. These modern tweaks will make this board a favorite all year long. This board is the bridge between style and performance. Its why both single fin riders and performance surfers all love a twinny.

Bomb Proof Tech (BPT) – We build boards that are Bomb Proof.  Nearly indestructible, reliable and still perform like you’ve never experienced.  Our Bi-Axial S Glass inlays are designed to push the limits when you’re willing to. The Bi-Axial cloth is laid under the glass offering good flex and insane durability.

EPS Bomb Proof Tech Build

  • Top: Bi-Axial Fiberglass 6oz+4oz
  • Bottom: 6oz+4oz+4oz over fin boxes + straight carbon fiber stinger
  • Two Tone Thruster Future boxes
  • All BPT boards come with premium timber stingers
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