5’4 DMS Gherkin Surfboard, Like New – 33.1L

$495.00 USD

Board is in excellent condition, minor repair to the nose.


5’4″ x 20.63″ x 2.63″ – 33.1L

THE GHERKIN is built short, wide, and super flat the Gherkin is a fast fun model. The giant crown tail provides some extra bite and hold through turns and releases water quickly. We have used the nose entry from our Crumpet and combined it with the crown model from the performance range for the right blend of performance and flow.

The Gherkin can be surfed super short and will thrive in sessions that usually send you home to grab your longboard. Built with patented INJECTION-TECH, the technology utilities the pressures and forces from the surfer and the wave itself, elastic energy. By strategically engineering the position of the reinforcing material on the bottom of the board, we create less resistance to torsional flex, allowing the board to flow through turns with a more drawn-out turning arch.


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