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5’2 Lost Mayhem SwordFish Surfboard – Like New 23.50L

$495.00 USD

5’2 Lost Mayhem SwordFish Surfboard – Like New 23.50L

5’2 x 18.5 x 2.20 23.50L

Minor pressure dings, like new. No damage.

The SWORD-FISH is precisely as the name implies:  A furiously fast Pelagic fish, aggressive, with a wide powerful tail, and a long-pointed nose. Designed at the request of (and direction from) Kolohe Andino, as an extension of his favorite RNF-Retro. Kolohe surfed his little neon RNF-Retro better than I’d ever seen anyone surf any fish in small Trestles waves. Inspired, yet not satisfied, he came to me wanting to create something even better. With the gauntlet laid, we went to work and to do just that. Starting with Kolohe’s magic little 5’6” RNF-Retro we added 3” of length, by extending the nose, pulling it in and added some gradual nose rocker.  We also narrowed the entire board a bit and pulled the tail in just slightly, retaining the double side-cut ”Pelagic” outline.  We kept the tail rocker and bottom curves the same but blended the rails a bit more.

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