Become a Surfboard Trading Co Wholesale Location

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At Surfboard Trading Co the surfer comes first with our goal being happy surfers. We are a Firefighter/Veteran owned company giving us a deep understanding of service to get the job done. We offer a surfboard for nearly every level, experience or desire. As a surf shop owner I know how important it is to to move inventory. So what makes us different? Why wholesale with us? 

We are currently in over 30 shops and over four countries for a reason. We offer competitive prices, the latest glassing technology, shapes that work, and new designs to stand out in your busy board rack. When you call Surfboard Trading Co you’re speaking directly to the owner of the company. For your first order we offer free shipping and extremely competitive margins, always. Our current shops move our boards in six months or less. We are proud to be in some of the oldest, most established shops in the country and we would be happy to provide references upon request. 

Last but not least, we take care of our people. We are happy to offer rewards to surf shop employees. When they help a customer and sell a board we want to thank them, that day. Additionally if your customer isn’t happy with a STCO board they purchased, they can return it. Yes return a used surfboard, they will get a credit for the price they paid for any other STCO board in stock in your store, or we can ship directly to them