Welcome to The Surfboard Trading Co.​

My name is Brandon, I am the owner and operator of Surfboard Trading co. I am a local waterman and Firefighter.  I am so pleased you chose to look into Surfboard Trading Co.  When I first got into surfing I didn’t have much money.  I bought my first board for $60, it was all I could afford. It was a Natural Art surfboard, older than I was at the time. It was ugly and needed repairs but it was mine!  I learned to repair my first board and quickly started repairing other peoples surfboards.  My friends and I would trade boards with each other. I surfed every surfboard I could get my hands on. I have acquired many surfboards since then, mostly by trading other surfers for their surfboard so I can try new ones. Hence the name Surfboard Trading Co. It dawned on me one day as I walked around a surf shop how expensive a new surfboard could be.  I wanted to create quality Surfboards a surfer could actually afford. I was a Lifeguard at a local beach and couldn’t afford to $1200 plus for a new board.  So many people just want to get in the water and catch a few waves, I found my niche by taking surfboards that could use a few repairs and making them like new!  Next I decided to build custom designs that were perfect for Florida surf.  Surfboard Trading Co. found its roots by offering like new surfboards without the new price.   I am pleased to offer a wide range of new and used surfboards for every type of surfer without them going broke in the process.  So much thought goes into every detail of each board.  I am committed to ensuring every surfer who chooses S T Co. is not just happy but ecstatic about their board.  Come by the shop, give us a call, come to a demo day.  We aim to please!